This area relates to all parish related education programs.

St. Catherine Laboure Parish provides a structured program for the religious education of elementary school children attending the public school system. The curriculum includes all dimensions of religious education: doctrine, scripture, liturgy, prayer, service and sacramental preparation. The curriculum is taught in the spirit of cooperative learning and hands on activities that connect religion to everyday experiences. Classes are available on Sundays for kindergarten through eighth graders. Additional liturgical experiences and activities are offered throughout the school year. Parental involvement is an important aspect to the development of the program. A volunteer form is given to every family to experience spiritual growth. New catechists are always welcome to join our program. For additional information please call the religious education office at 847-724-2240 (Extension # 2) Click Here to read more about our programs


The SCL Adult Scripture Study is committed to study one book of the Bible each semester through a study program. The small groups begin in September, break for Christmas, start again in January, and finish in Spring. Each person buys a commentary which contains the readings with an explanation and a study guide which supplies questions encouraging discussion all for a nominal cost of materials. There are a variety of small groups that meet at SCL and in private homes. Each session begins and ends with shared prayer and because of the small size of each group, everyone is allowed to share if desired. For more information, contact the Rectory: 847-729-1414.